Image: Paul Bong (Bindurr Bullin), Memories of oblivion (50,000 years of peace) 2016, hand coloured intaglio etching, edition 1/20. Redland Art Gallery Collection. Acquired in 2017 with Redland Art Gallery Acquisition Funds. Courtesy of the artist. Photography by Carl Warner.


The RAG Collection currently houses over 830 artworks produced by more than 220 artists. Artists represented include local, emerging, established, early settler and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists. Redland City Council is committed to resourcing and facilitating the acquisition and management of a quality visual arts, craft and design Collection that reflects the diversity and uniqueness of Redlands Coast heritage, culture, identity and sense of place.

The RAG Collection strengths include: contemporary art, photography and prints, and contemporary Indigenous art. These strengths play a pivotal role in the acquisition process as key building blocks for collection development.


RAG is a Deductible Gift Recipient and is eligible to receive artwork donations for the Collection under the Australian Government’s Cultural Gifts Program, which provides tax incentives to private donors. For more information on the Cultural Gifts Program visit: