Throughout the year RAG showcases artists from the annual exhibition program and works from the RAG Collection.

30 January – 13 March
RAG Collection feature artist: Elizabeth Lamont

20 March – 8 May
RAG Collection feature artists: Bindur Bullin and Rosella Namok

15 May – 19 June
RAG Collection feature artists: Richard Nolan-Neylan and Maurice Ortega

26 June – 14 August
RAG Collection feature artists: Lyndal Hargrave and Bruce Reynolds

21 August – 9 October
Sihot’e Nioge: When Skirts Become Artworks

16 October – 4 December
RAG Collection feature artists: Martin Claydon, Margaret Loy Pula and Monica Rohan

11 December – 22 January
RAG Collection feature artist: Frank Sherrin



Image: Works from the RAG Collection by Marty Smith and Brian Hatch at RAG, Cleveland, 2021. Courtesy of the artists and Redland Art Gallery. Photography by Michelle Bowden. Visuall Photography.