Donna Marcus
Code XIII    2002
Aluminium and enamel paint
Redland Art Gallery Collection.
Donated through the Australian Government’s Cultural Gifts Program by Donna Marcus, 2017.
Courtesy of the artist. Photography by Carl Warner.

Donna Marcus is known for her sculptures made from post-war aluminium kitchenware sourced from second-hand shops. Instead of altering the objects in any way, Marcus leaves visible the marks and dents from a lifetime of use. The stories and sense of familiarity evoked for many viewers by these objects speaks to the commonality of human experience, and demonstrates how objects can hold memory and meaning.

The process of assembling the kitchenware into geometric compositions is informed by the aesthetic of Minimalism. The use of repetition and geometry forms an analogy with abstract monochrome painting indicative of the Minimalist movement. In doing this, Marcus engages with the idea that meaning is not created by the artist, but by how the viewer interacts with what they are looking at.