RAG invites expressions of interest for our pop-up gallery – RAG Red Box. This is a travelling gallery available to individual artists and groups to display artworks. RAG Red Box celebrates the visual arts within the Redlands Coast community by offering a free, self-facilitated display space for artists, schools and community groups.

Currently on display at
Redland Performing Arts Centre
2–16 Middle Street
Cleveland QLD 4163
9am – 4pm weekdays

21 April – 6 June
Understory: Rachel Apelt
I live in the upper catchment of Kedron Brook, where water draws down from forested hills in veins connecting land and sea. I walk its banks, under lush canopies, inhaling its gentle expiration. My heart beat slows to match its rhythm, my senses open. Nature holds us, nurtures and heals us. On such a walk, a large leaf fell at my feet, dispelling another layer of ‘plant blindness’. It was a Macaranga leaf, beautiful and heart shaped. I began to see Macarangas everywhere and learned they are pioneer rainforest trees, shading a community of more delicate plants.
As I gathered fallen leaves, conversations opened. The trees were shading more than just plant communities as fresh connections grew in the understory. Wherever we go, currents of eco-anxiety and grief flow close to the surface. I hope that my work prompts people to think about how can we nurture and heal this world that holds us?

9 June – 23 July
In Transitions: Renata Buziak, Vicki Kelleher and Zoe Wolfe
These artworks explore the internal shifts experienced by residents and visitors during their passage from mainland to island, and where their state of ‘arrival’ occurs. Collaborative works were created by layering textural convergences of photo-media, poetry, and drawings; interwoven with the shared feelings and memories of community and the artists themselves.
The In Transitions project concept grew from the three artists’ own experiences of living on, working, or frequently visiting the island of Minjerribah, and from discussions with some of the Island’s community members and visitors.
This idea of transitioning between mainland and the Island, and how it makes people feel, was further explored in a short survey of questions that the artists created to more deeply understand the experiences, sensations, mental state, and feelings of community and travellers. The generous responses to this survey provided the basis for the themes underlying this exhibition such as: leaving, disconnecting, transitioning, and arriving, each explored through the artworks.

28 July – 10 September
Colour the Conversation: Bushra Hasan
Growing up in the lively culture of India, I developed a close kinship with vibrant colours as a young child. That kinship is the basis for my art, in which bold patterns and textures of my surroundings are incorporated. Through my paintings, I allow the physicality of the material to reveal the innate qualities of the world I depict. Working with acrylic paints, oils, inks, pastels and pencils, I employ a bold colour palette, pattern, and texture to give my paintings a presence that captures the essence of my surroundings while unveiling a vivid interior world. Through my work, I endeavour to bring the vibrancy of my childhood to the Redlands, where I am now based.

15 September – 29 October
St James Lutheran Community Kindergarten

3 November – 10 December
The Real Cost of War: WWI Series
Beverley Teske
It is unimaginable in today’s world to comprehend, the “not knowing,” that loved ones at home had to endure. It‘s impossible to understand how we would cope with the loss of a loved one in such circumstances; to wonder and worry what was happening on the other side of the world. As I worked trying to keep each cross separate from the next, amazingly, they fell upon each other, in the same way I imagine the soldiers fell on the battlefield. As a country we must always remember the sacrifice these men and their families made, so we can live the life we do. Lives lost; families changed forever; the real cost of war.

Image: Renata Buziak, Vicki Kelleher and Zoe Wolfe, ‘Sandy path winding’ (detail) 2021. Courtesy of the artists.