Each exhibition sees new works featured on our foyer walls at RAG, Cleveland. These works may be an extension of the current exhibition or feature works from our RAG Collection.
This month, despite the temporary gallery closure, we are showcasing two pieces from
our RAG Collection.

Glennys Briggs
Our Stories   2014

Screenprint on Magnani Paper

Redland Art Gallery Collection. Acquired in 2015 with
Redland Art Gallery Acquisition Funds

The dilly bag is a cultural artefact which was (and still is) used in everyday life. It symbolises the way in which stories, histories and teachings were collected, contained and then continued on.
The intricate twining of the dilly bag weave and organic lines created by the overlaid handles speak of daily existence gathering food; travels across the land; and the aerial perspectives of winding rivers and landscape formations. But they also tell of the many stories from our histories that are dark and painful but must be remembered.

Glennys Briggs

Belinda Close
Hammerheads chasing stingrays   2014

Synthetic polymer paint on canvas

Redland Art Gallery Collection. Acquired in 2014 with
Redland Art Gallery Acquisition Funds

Belinda Close is a member of the Saltwater Murris Quandamooka Art Group and draws inspiration from her childhood on Minjerribah. As part of the last generation that grew up at One Mile with the old people, her work is heavily influenced by these experiences and her ancestral connection to place.

My painting tells the story of two hammerheads hunting three stingrays in shallow Quandamooka waters on the incoming tide. The different patterns are made in the water as the sharks chase
the stingrays.

Belinda Close