Revolution Slider


To modify or delete slides on the home page:

    1. In the Dashboard please click on ‘Revolution Slider’ on the left hand side navigation.
    2. Click on ‘Edit Slides’ button (which is coloured blue).
    3. This will bring you to the ‘Slides List’ page which dispays the slides currently in the Revolution Slider. To edit a specific slider, click on the ‘Edit Slide’ button that corresponds to the slide you want to modify. But if you are only wanting to change the image of the slide click on the thumbnail of the slide you want to change and select image from the Media Library or upload the file from your computer.
    4. General Slide Settings:
      Slide Title: Slide
      State: Published
      Visible from: (if set, slide will be visible after the date is reached)
      Visible until: (if set, slide will be visible till the date is reached)

      Transitions: Fade (select from dropdown)
      Slot Amount: 7
      Rotation: 0
      Transition Duration: 300
      Save Performance: Off

      Enable Link: (if enabled)
      Link Type: Regular
      Slide Link: insert url in this text field
      Link Open In: Select ‘Same Window’ from dropdown if you are linking to a page on your website
      Link Position: Front

      Slider Main Image / Background

      Background Source: 
      Image BG

      Background Settings
      Background Fit: Cover
      Background Repeat: no-repeat
      Background Position: center top
      Ken Burns / Pan Zoom Settings: Off

      Helper Grid: Disabled
      Snap to: None

      Please ensure that you click the ‘Update Slide’ button at the bottom of the page before redirecting away from the page as you will lose all change that you made.