Do you need to be vaccinated to visit Redland Art Gallery (RAG)?

Yes you do! In line with the Queensland Government’s updated public health measures, from 17 December 2021, there will be restrictions on people who are not fully vaccinated.

This includes anyone 16 year or older, unless with relevant exemption.

These restrictions prohibit people who are not fully vaccinated from entering any RAG venues.

Does it count if I have had one dose of a COVID vaccine?

No, under the current Public Health and Social Measures linked to vaccination status, you must have had two doses of an approved COVID-19 vaccine to enter RAG.

Will my vaccination status be checked?

Yes it will. The easiest way to show your vaccination status is by adding your certificate to your My Gov Check In Qld app. Find out more. 

On entry to the venue when you scan in with the app, the screen will show a green tick to confirm that you are vaccinated. This screen needs to be shown to RAG staff or volunteers on entry.

If you do not have a smart phone then you can also show your actual vaccination certificate.

What is a medical exemption?

If you can’t get any of the approved COVID-19 vaccines for medical reasons, this will be recorded by your doctor on your immunisation history statement and on your COVID-19 digital certificate. This is called a medical contraindication.

Your statement or certificate can be used as proof of your vaccination status.

You can also add your certificate to your ‘Check In Qld’ app. Find out more.

Are children under 16 years old and unvaccinated still able to visit RAG?

Unvaccinated minors under 16 years are able to visit RAG as long as they are accompanied by a fully vaccinated adult.

Do I still have to check in?

Yes you do. Everyone entering RAG is required to register using the ‘Check In Qld’ app or via the RAG reception desk if you do not have a smart device.

What if I refuse to check in?

Patrons who do not check in will not be allowed into RAG. It is not sufficient to have the ‘Check In Qld’ app installed on your smart device and not check in on arrival. If you are unable to scan the ‘Check In Qld’ QR code using your own smart device, one of our friendly staff or volunteers will be available to register your details.

Do I need to still wear a mask?

In line with Queensland Government Public Health’s directive, masks are no longer required to be worn at all times. This directive also recommends that people should keep a mask with them at all times so that if you are in a situation where you may not be able to maintain physical distancing, you have some added protection. Find out more.