Gerwyn Davies
Lives QLD
Tropics     2016
Photographic print

Redland Art Gallery Collection. Acquired in 2016 with Redland Art Gallery Acquisition Funds.

Gerwyn Davies completed a Bachelor of Photography with First Class Honours program at the Queensland College of Art, Griffith University in 2012. Combining costume making and photography, Davies’ practice is fundamentally concerned with the fabrication of elaborate, bricolage constructions that utilise everyday materials in imaginative ways to explore the use of dress in self-representation.

“Interested in the role played by fashion in the performance of identity, and how the dressed body functions as a platform for projecting an individual’s articulation of self, Davies highlights the potential for playfulness and subversion within this form of self-expression. Through his inventive application of non-traditional clothing materials and forms, Davies questions the dominant social and cultural norms that dictate the prevalent restraint that characterizes the act of dressing and wearing.[1]

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