Mr Chippa the Woodblock Carver of Bagru is a delightful children’s picture book created from hand carved woodblocks and handprinted using traditional practices. It is a cultural story about the Woodblock Carvers from Bagru India.

In the small village of Bagru Mr Chippa is asked by Mr Vyas to create a block that is round like the moon. Unsure which design to create it, it is on his way home from the wood cutter that he draws upon the imagery of his surrounding village to create an inspirational design. The reader is gently drawn into subtle cultural cues and nuances of Mr Chippa’s interactions and observations. The motifs within the round moon design holds the story of his village and it is depicted as a traditional rangoli.

This story guides the reader to observe and be inspired to look and connect to their immediate surrounds in quiet contemplation.

In this exhibition FullARTon presents the woodblocks and prints alongside each other for simultaneous viewing revealing the craft and workmanship of the woodblock carver, printmaker, author and illustrator.

FullARTon’s travel journal paintings and Kathputli puppets accompanying Mr Chippa reveal the stories of place and her long lived connections to India.



Opening Event:
6pm Friday 5 May 2023

Floor Talk and Morning Tea:
10am Sunday 7 May 2023

Image: Lee FullARTon, Cat on Fort Jaisalmer (detail) 2020, synthetic polymer paint on timber. Courtesy of the artist.